Musk Turtle (stinkpots) Care Sheet

Musk Turtle (stinkpots)

Size – max 7″ average 5″
Min tank size – 120 litre when full grown
Diet – insectavore – reptomin – prawn – brine shrimp – bloodworm – earthworm – small crickets – snails
Temperature – water temp 75F basking area 85F gradient to 70F.
Uvb – reccomended

Musk turtles are fairly easy to keep although a little shy. They are primarily nocturnal but do venture out to bask, some do not. Provide plenty of caves and hiding places.

Feeding should be 6 days per week, do not overfeed as they need a slow growth. They are carnivorous but occasionally will eat plants.
Males can be aggressive with each other, should aggression start the offender should be removed. Males have larger tails that taper, approx size of its leg.
They have a very strong bite. So be careful when handling
They have a small gland which will release a smell when they are under threat, which is where they get the stinkpot name from.
Not great at fishing so these have been kept with fish successfully – however we do not recommend them to be kept with fish.

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