• Insect Eating Lizards – Feeding

    Insect Eating Lizards – Feeding
    There is still a lot to learn regarding the diets of lizards in captivity. However, we know that feeding shop bought insects and the occasional mealworm is inadequate.
  • Brumation (Partial Hybernation) in Reptiles

    Brumation (Partial Hybernation) in Reptiles
    At this time of year, when the temperatures are low, older reptiles are often brumating (partially hibernating). This means that they are less likely to be interested in eating live food.
  • Fun Facts About Leopard Geckos

    Fun Facts About Leopard Geckos
    Leopard Geckos are one of the favourite pet lizards! The Leopard Gecko is a firm favourite pet in the UK, they don’t need as much space as a Bearded Dragon are still full of character and after bonding with them easy to handle.
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