Healthy Paws Sardine Oil
Sardine Oil contains Omega 3 and 6 plus vitamin D, having a beneficial effect on your pet's bones, brains, heart, veins, muscles, skin, hair and more. Sarfine Oil has the highest natural concentration of Omega 3 fatty acids which help...
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Yuderm Itchy Dog
Help stop  your dog scratching  with YuMOVE Skin & Coat Care Itching for Adult Dogs, previously YuDERM Itching Dog. This unique blend of premium oils at their purest and most effective, is perfect for dogs prone to feeling itchy.   Recommended...
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Be:Sunsafe Natural Sun Protection Balm
Handmade with sensitive skin in mind, our sun protection balm for four-legged friends has been formulated using intensively nourishing ingredients. Perfect for pets that love to soak up the sun, whilst also repelling insects. Directions – Warm the balm with...
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Rock Sulphur
Hatchwells Rock Sulphur is a natural mineral that you add to your pets drinking water as an aid to keep them cool in any hot weather. Simply add a small nugget of rock sulphur into your pets water bowl and...
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Dorwest Easy Green Powder
Dorwest Easy Green powder for dogs is a great natural supplement. This supplement offers all the benefits of the nutrition found in three ‚ super-green‚ plants, in an easy to give powder. Just add it to the normal food, to...
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Dorwest Garlic And Fenugreek Tablets
Dorwest Garlic and Fenugreek tablets for dogs is a licensed herbal medicine is used to relieve the symptoms of arthritis but it can also be used for the symptomatic relief of minor infections, skin conditions and coughs. It can be...
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Dorwest Keeper's Mix
Dorwest Keeper's Mix for dogs is a dietary supplement for supporting all round health. This wonderful and unique formulation keeps dogs and cats in tip top condition by giving the diet a super-boost. Small dogs & cats 1 x 2.5ml...
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Skin Balm For Dogs And Cats
Our newly reformulated, hand-crafted skin balm is incredibly versatile and is ideal for problem areas on the skin. It helps to soothe, calm and restore healthy skin.Apply regularly until all signs of soreness, dryness or irritation have disappeared[custom tab] Analysis...
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Paw And Nose Balm For Dogs And Cats
An ultra-nourishing balm to soften and soothe crusty noses and sore cracked pads.„ÄÄ It has no added fragrance from essential oils so is perfect to use on dogs highly sensitive noses.Apply regularly until all signs of soreness, dryness or irritation...
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Dorwest Turmeric Tablets
Dorwest Turmeric tablets for dogs are a great natural supplement to be included in your dogs diet. Turmeric is extremely well documented and is widely used to support the body‚ natural anti-inflammatory processes. It is renowned for its purity and...
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