Hainan Cave Gecko Quick Facts

Hainan Cave Gecko – Goniurosaurus hainanensis


Hatchling 70-75f (21 -23c) Adult 75-82f (23-27c)


60-80% (spray heavily every night and provide a humid hide at all times)


Approx 15 years

Adult Size:

Approx 5inches


Give a variety of insects in the evening (crickets, locusts, and roaches to make up main of insect diet, waxworms and mealworms no more than 10% of overall insect diet as are fattening).

Baby Viv Size:

A small 3litre braplast tub or tub measuring approx 10inches long x 7inches wide x 4inches high

Adult Viv Size:

60cm wide x 45cm deep x 45cm high (can house a trio in this size)

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