Travelling With Your Dog

Here’s our top 3 tips on how to make it an easy time travelling to your holiday destination.

Plan ahead – even when it’s a last minute quick getaway make sure you have a plan of action to make sure you have everything for the dog whilst on vacation and in the car – keep a list of everything you’ll need to check before you go, avoiding that moment a third into travels when you realise you’ve got to turn back!

Have a suitable size car harness or dog enclosure for in the car. This will help to stop your dog moving round and distracting you as well as stopping them from getting injured if you have to stop suddenly. You can also get seat covers that will protect your car seats from wear and tear of the dog plus from sand and those soggy tails after being in the sea.

Take regular breaks on the journey to give your dog a chance of fresh air, water and a toilet break. When you do stop remember to hold onto their leads as they are getting out and into cars, avoiding your dog escaping into possible heavy traffic. Never leave your dog in a car during this hot weather – even parked in the shade with the windows opened; the car will heat up quickly as there is no air circulation.

Pop in or give us a call and our team of Dog Advisors will give you advice and help on products to keep you and your dog happy on your adventure!

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