What Fruit and Vegetables to Give to Your Furry Friend

We all like to spoil our pets! Especially dogs and cats with their huge range of available treats; but what about our smaller furry companions? People often struggle to get the right advice about which fruits and which vegetables can be given to their pets, so we’ve put together a list to help!

Rabbits particularly enjoy: carrot tops, broccoli, curly kale, dandelion leaves, basil, coriander and other leafy greens.

Guinea pigs love all of above plus:  celery, cucumber, and a bit of tomato.80% of a rabbit and guinea pig’s diet is hay and grass, so it’s really important to provide it fresh everyday and cut back on the complementary pellets or muesli!
Hamsters can have a small amount of brocolli and a very tiny amount of leafy greens. They also love mealworms in small quantities!

With all small animals, fruit should be avoided because of the sugar content but a very tiny amount of apple on a very special occasion wouldn’t do any harm.

PLEASE NOTE: Degus are highly susceptible to Diabetes Mellitus and should not be given sugar in their diet. Always check your treats say ‘suitable for degus’ before feeding.

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