My Dog Scratches and Shakes his Ears

A dog that constantly scratches or shakes his ear, or yelps when the ear is touched should be taken to the vet. There are many reasons why a dog can have an ear problem. Excessive wax provides the ideal home for ear mites; the tell-tale signs of mite are a brown coloured crust that usually has a strong odour. Excessive ear wax can be a sign of an allergen, feeding a hypoallergenic food such as Symply, Healthy Paws or Canagan will help reduce wax production.

Various proteins can be the route of the problem, by eliminating the usual subjects (Wheat, Cereal, Beef, Soya and Pork) will usually help. Whenever trying to source an allergen, all foods that include the above ingredients need to be avoided. A single crust of toast or Bonio can cause so much upset. Feeding Symply along with natural treats will avoid all these ingredients.

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