How to Settle Your New Parrot at Home

So, you have done your research, decided what Parrot you’re going to get, find the one you want & bring him home, now what?

You may think that just because the bird has been hand reared he’s immediately going to want to step up on your finger and love you straight away, this is usually not the case.

Your new little bird is going to have been used to either the breeder (this will be all it has known from hatching) or a busy pet shop, so taking him to a new home is going to be very stressful for him.

The best way to welcome into your home is to place the cage on a stand (never on the floor) so he doesn’t feel threatened, usually in the busiest room in the house such as your living room.  The kitchen is not advisable as the bird could inhale toxic fumes such as burning non-stick pans, the risk is too high to take. Place the cage where it will not be in full sunlight so he doesn’t over heat.

Now it may be tempting to get him out straight away and cuddle him, this is not advisable, this will take patience to get to that part, depending on the bird this may take a week but possibly longer. Don’t get him out for the 1st week (at least) as this will stress the bird, instead spend time talking to him through the bars or even sing to him, see if he will take food from you and even better, come over for a scratch (through the bars).

When you need to change food/water/bedding do so gently, don’t be insulted if he decides to move away from you.

When you feel, he is settled enough, in a secure room you can open the cage & let him out, don’t hassle him, let him come to you. This should be done daily.

When it is time to come in try and get him to step up on to your finger, you can say ‘step up’ and use a treat as an incentive. If this doesn’t work you can try using a perch and a treat, then work your way up to your hand, if all else fails use your hand to pick him up, use your first two fingers and place them round each side of his head and the rest of your hand to gently secure the rest of his body & wings.

The most important thing to take note of is this is going to take time and every bird is different, it could take one bird a few days whereas other weeks or even months. So be patient & take our time, in return you will have a loving pet.

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