Help My Dog is Eating His Own Poo!

The most logical answer to this is that the dog is lacking in minerals or nutrients, hence he is eating his poo to try and gain more nutrients. In fact, the total opposite can be the case. If a dog is having too much food in one go will result in a lot of undigested food is present in the stool. The dog can smell the nutrients and just thinks it is another meal. By reducing the amount of food in his meal will allow his digestive system to absorb the nutrients and water in their stool.

A lot of dogs that are fed once daily suffer from this condition, simply by feeding the same amount of food split into 2 or 3 meals can cure this problem. Because less food is needed when feeding Symply or Healthy Paws, coprophagia can be a thing of the past.

  • There are other reasons too that can cause dogs to eat their own poo.
  1. If a dog has been told off harshly when he was a pup can result in him eating his poo so that he doesn’t get told off
  2. If you race to pick the poo up when he has done it, the dog will think it is a game and try to outsmart you.
  3. When a litter has been brought up in outside kennels the bitch can often eat the puppies poo and this reaction is past down
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