Free Radicals

Free radicals are responsible for many skin problems such as dry skin. One of the ways a free radical can occur is when a skin molecule gets damaged, each molecule has 2 electrons. When an allergen attaches to a skin molecule and is attacked by an antibody it can damage the molecule releasing one of the electrons. This electron will then attach to another molecule, but as a molecule can only have 2 electrons, one of the existing electrons is then released creating a chain reaction. A simple way of imagining the effect is to think of a room full of mouse traps and throwing a bouncy ball at them Hundreds of traps snapping away.

This action can cause pins and needles sensation in the dog causing them to chew their paws, nibble and scratch their skin. Feeding your dog Symply will reduce free radicals due to its lack of allergy causing ingredients and because it uses Vitamin C and E to preserve their food, these are natural anti-oxidants which prevent damage caused by free radicals by giving them one of their electrons but remain stable after doing so.

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