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Visit our store for free expert advice on reptiles!

Venture into our reptile section to discover your new cold blooded friend. Choose from the perennial favourites bearded dragons and corn snakes to varieties of geckos and frogs. Our experts will help you choose the best home and equipment you need to keep them happy and healthy.

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Lighting & Heating

To give your reptile the best home, you need to recreate their natural habitat conditions, our ranges of lighting and heating will give you the environment your reptile needs.


We can help you to create an enriching home for your reptile, with ranges of caves, basking areas, plants and substrates that are suitable for their species.

Customer Reviews

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Amazing staff...

Amazing staff- All staff are extremely knowledgeable and extremely friendly. The range of animals in which they bring in are always top quality. The animal welfare is 100% where it should be. Would highly recommend this place.
Tasha Syddell
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Really well stocked...

Really well stocked pet shop. Everything you could need for dogs and cats and more unusual pets. We go there to get out rat food and things for our aquarium. They also have a bird section and a reptile section.
Samantha Bowes
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Highly recommend...

This staff are second to none!! They are knowledgeable, helpful and have truly gone out of the way to assist us with our new class pet!! Highly recommended!!!
Leigh & Monica F


Bearded Dragons come in a range of sizes and colours. The breeding of this species is done by having two or more dragons together with specific traits and producing the offspring with desired characteristics and appearance. Citrus Tiger bearded dragons are mostly yellow but can also acquire a mixture of other colours such as red.

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