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Enjoy the pleasure of watching your local wildlife sampling the tasty dinner you have put out for them, our team will be able to help you choose diets that suit the species visiting you as well as entice new visitors you would like to see.
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Unsure of what food is best for your local ducks and swans? We have the Brambles and Wild Things sinking and floating food available that’ll send them quackers! 

Feeders & Accessories

Enhance your garden with a stunning bird table from Johnston and Jeff or a selection of feeders and stands from Harrisons, all designed to be easy use and cleaning. 

Wild Bird Food

We’ve got you covered for all your wild bird foods, from our most Johnston and Jeff seed mixes available loose to bulk sacks to feed your garden army, to suet mixes in a choice of balls, blocks and pellets and not forgetting the Robins and Blackbirds favourite delicious dried mealworms. 


Our spiky friends need our help, if you’re being visited or want to encourage hedgehog visitors we have the products you need. With a range of tasty food and treats to a house designed to keep them safer from predators to comfy meadow hay to keep them snug in their home.