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In the midst of reptiles you’ll come upon our spiders, we like to have a variety of species from spiderling to sub adult sizes, arboreal to terrestrial. And if you are ever searching for a particular species, let our team know and they will keep you informed on their availability.
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Lighting & Heating

Spiders require help with heating in their habitat, we can help you choose the right option for your 8 legged friends and advise you and the correct temperature control and monitoring. 


Artificial Plants

Plants aren’t just for making the spider habitat look pretty, they also give shelter and allow spiders to drink from droplets of water on them after you’ve misted their home.


Creating a place to hide for terrestrial spiders and areas to climb for arboreal species is very important, your spider will more than likely rearrange and adapt your layout creating their very own safe haven in their enclosure. As they get bigger, you can add extra ornaments and plants into their larger vivariums creating natural settings to a pirates treasure cave to ancient ruins your spider can take over – let your imagination run wild! Just make sure all decor is secure so it can’t fall over and harm your spider.



We have a brilliant selection of plastic terrariums and glass vivariums to get your spiders perfect home. Our experts can advise you on the most suitable enclosure for your spider size, as they grow you will need to think of increasing the size of their habitat, the minimum requirement is the length of the spider multiplied by 2 for the 1st side and multiplied by 3 for the other.You don’t want to be too generous with their enclosures as this might make it a lot harder for your spider to find its prey.