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Who doesn’t like a furry pet? Not our small animal specialists – they absolutely love them! We have a fantastic selection of rabbits, hamsters, gerbils, Guinea pigs and rats to choose from. Our specialists will guide you through what your pet will need and the accessories to increase the bonding between you and for their enjoyment. 
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 Choose from our lovely selections of cages and hutches for your pet is easy-peasy with the help of a specialists. They will make sure you have the most suitable enclosure for your small animal to thrive in. 


 All small animals require something to gnaw upon as their teeth are continually growing, they also benefit from additional enrichment that toys such as the stuff and toss loofa and treat balls can provide.


Rabbits and Guinea pigs –  A big decision is if you’re going to house them inside or outside, if they’re going outside they will need to be kept in an area that is sheltered from the elements especially for winter, you may wish to bring them in for the coldest months, but if they’re stopping out we have the microwaveable heat pads which will help keep your rabbits and Guinea pigs warmer coupled with a lot of extra straw.
Having chosen a home for your pet our specialists can recommend which of our houses,  litter trays and accessories that were enrich your pet with a vast selection of toys, wheels and ledges – you’re spoilt for choice!


Gerbils make fun and friendly pets when in good owner hands. They can entertain themselves for a long time as long as they’re provided with the right equipment. These pets also love human interaction so do take your gerbil out of their enclosure when it is safe.



Choosing the right diet is simple with the help of our small animal specialists, they will advise on the healthiest diet you can give your pet from our ranges of balanced foods, selection of hays and tasty treats.