Frilled Dragon Quick Facts

Frilled Dragon:

Chlamydosaurus kingii


Baby basking area 95-100f (35 ñ38c)
Adult basking area 100-105f (38-40c)


70-75% (spray heavily every night and allow to dry out completely during the day)


Approx 15 years

Adult Size:

Males 3ft, Females 2.5ft


Give fresh veg (spring greens, kale, butternut squash etc in the morning) and give a variety of insects in the afternoon (crickets, locusts and roaches to make up main of insect diet, waxworms and mealworms no more than 10% of overall insect diet as are fattening).

Baby Viv Size:

45cm wide x 45cm deep x 60cm high (they will soon outgrow this!)

Adult Viv Size:

4ft wide x 2ft deep x 4ft high as a minimum (especially for a male)