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We are dedicated to giving you the best advice on our products that will best suit your cat. Choose from our selection of quality foods to biodegradable litters to fabulous range of collars to make your cat the top cat in town!
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Cat Bedding

Let your cat nap in style & comfort with our wide choice of beds, ranging from comfy Tabby Chic snuggle beds, Ancol velvet cat cabin and a choice of pyramid and hooded beds.

Cat Food

Our delicious ranges of foods have something for every cat from Symplys high quality kibble to Canagan complete range of grain free wet and dry diets, now including their dental kibble that contains Plaque Off.

Cat Toys

Play for cats is a great way to increase activity and keep them entertained. Our ranges have great choice to give your cat ways to play with you and when you’re out:
  • Catit – These modular toys and accessories can be used individually or connected together to create a well-being area for your cats.
  • Cat & Caboodle – A brilliant range of teasers, batting, kicker toys and catnip to increase your cats interest.
  • Kong – From their Mouse Wrangler to the cool laser pen – your cats will go wild.

Cat Furniture

Cats have an instinctual need to scratch, it lets them mark out territory, exercise and helps to keep their claws in condition. We have a cat scratcher ideal for your cat and home from single posts to multi-tiered furniture.