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9 Reasons to Choose Symply Dog Food

Symply recipes contain only the finest natural ingredients for the balanced and complete diet he needs to stay in top condition. All Symply products are free of artificial colourings, flavourings and preservatives. Formulated with wholesome ingredients and natural antioxidants rich in vitamins to enhance the immune system. Each mouthful of Symply contains more goodness than […]

How to Help Your Pets During the Firework Season

Fireworks can be a source of fear for many animals, ignoring the problem won’t help, but we have some advice & product that may help keep your pet calm during the firework season. Provide your dog or cat with somewhere to hide, like under furniture or in a cupboard. Walk your dog in the day […]

What’s Really in Your Dog’s Food?

So your dog food looks good, it’s advertised as healthy and balanced but what do the ingredients actually mean? Here are a few common ingredients and what they actually are. Meat & Animal derivatives – Meat and animal by-products are the cheapest protein source for manufacturers; these products are not chosen for their quality. Dogs […]

Fleas & Worms – Nasty Critters That We CAN Control

Everywhere you go with your dog there is the possibility of them picking up a few unwanted friends and bringing them home. It’s really important that you take preventative steps to keep your pet and home healthy! Sure, but who am I actually up against? Well, there are over 60 species of fleas to be […]