Garden Pond Protection From Otter Predation

Predation on valuable garden pond fish such as Koi, by a variety of predators, can cause upset and financial loss to pond fish keepers. This leaflet aims to provide you with information on otters and suggest some simple proactive measures that can be taken to help reduce or prevent predation on pond fish from happening. […]

9 Reasons to Choose Symply Dog Food

Symply recipes contain only the finest natural ingredients for the balanced and complete diet he needs to stay in top condition. All Symply products are free of artificial colourings, flavourings and preservatives. Formulated with wholesome ingredients and natural antioxidants rich in vitamins to enhance the immune system. Each mouthful of Symply contains more goodness than […]

What Should I feed My Rabbit?

Rabbits are Herbivores, this means they only eat plant matter. Herbivores need to have food constantly moving through their digestive system. A diet of mostly hay provides necessary fibre to do this. Unless the hay in your rabbit’s habitat is soiled do not replace it, replacing It could cause picky behaviour. We recommend feeding hay […]

How to Help Your Pets During the Firework Season

Fireworks can be a source of fear for many animals, ignoring the problem won’t help, but we have some advice & product that may help keep your pet calm during the firework season. Provide your dog or cat with somewhere to hide, like under furniture or in a cupboard. Walk your dog in the day […]