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From  finch to parrot, our bird experts can help you choose the best for your avian friends. We have an array of birds from beautiful budgies to hand reared parakeets and parrots. It’s advisable to contact our Syston store before you visit to discover what species are expected or are in our aviaries.
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Housing & Accessories

Creating a wonderful home for your bird is easy to do with our selection of cages, with a choice of designs and sizes perfect for your bird.

Treats & Feeding

Our selection of bird food and treats cater for all your birds needs, ranging from traditional bird seed mixes from Johnston and Jeff, to a completely balanced pellet diet from Harrisons to delicious treats from Nutriberries and Tweeters Treats.

Bird Toys

Birds need enrichment in their cages, especially when you are out and about. We have a wide choice of toys for all sizes of birds to help keep them entertained. We also carry a selection of play-stands for when your bird is out and about playing in your home.



Perches & Ladders

Different style perches and ladders offer not just boredom breaking but also health and condition benefits, choosing a perch that isn’t a uniform shape its length will help to stretch your birds feet and having perches and ladders that have a mineral outer cover such as pedi-perches and sand perch covers will help keep your birds claws and beak in good condition.