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Our aquatic experts are here to help, whether it’s to help you set up a stunning aquarium display or advising on which fish are suitable to enhance your aquarium to the best options to filter your pond.
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Aquatic Plants

Real or artificial – that is the question! We can help choose which option is best for you, with a beautiful display of potted live plants and a bright and colourful selection of artificial plants from Betta and Sydeco.

Aquatic Feeding and Diets

From a sinking pellet for Black Moor to a veggie wafer for your Ancistrus to a tasty adhesive treat for your community fish, we have the perfect foods for your individual fishes needs.


We’ll guide you through which decor will work in your system to give your desired display, how to start your tank and the products to give you the best results, to how to maintain your aquarium to keep your fish healthy and your tank looking good.


Mollies are very popular tropical fish that like to be kept in groups where they feel safe. They are very versatile and can adapt to survive in both – fresh water as well as saltwater if acclimated with care. Mollies are an easy to breed species that make a beautiful addition to your aquarium.


Aquarium Lighting

Lighting makes a huge difference in your aquarium,  it can help to enhance colours on fish to keeping your plants growing. We have you covered on all aspects with Juwels T8 and T5 bulbs, allowing you to create the best lighting for your aquarium to Interpets LED light bar units to fit 20cm aquariums and above. Natural World gives you a quality light with lower energy consumption.